Icons, wallpaper, banners

Hi guys! Long time no see!

I had hard time remembering about this community ^^
Hope you like what I brought to you now.

[6] icons (one animated, one MCH&Julie, one from 6FU)
[5] banners (one MCH&Julie)
[1] wallpaper

P r e v i e w :

Photobucket Photobucket



Bigger ones are inside

*Please comment with numbers if taking
*Please credit dexter_goodies if using
*Please do not edit them without asking
*I have psd files saved for most of them, ask me if you want any changes
*Please DO NOT hotlink any of them
*And enjoy! ^^

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Oh btw, we have a new affiliate;

Welcome shay_dex ! :D

Lila Wallpaper + Banners

Hi guys! I still couldn't get through my illness but
I don't wanna miss here so much so I made
a wallpaper starring sweet (!) Lila ! :)
Plus 2 banners on the wall. Hope you like them !

1 Wallpaper + 2 banners - Lila

+ do not hotlink, please
+ comment if taking, make this sick girl happy :)
+ credit dexter_goodies if using (for banners)
+ enjoy !!!

P r e v i e w:


click them for original size

See you guys !

Dexter // The Angel of Death Picspam

I thought there are still some friends who couldn't find these pics so I wanna share them all here.
It took me some time to gather them all but if there's any picture I missed, please say so :)

12 Pictures
Some of them the same but size is different
If you're gonna upload them to Photobucket,
do not forget to choose "max img size: 1mb file size" option
for to avoid photobucket resizing them :)

E x a m p l e s:
click to enlarge them
ten more under the cut

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